Founded by a love of brightly coloured jewellery often made from polymer clay and ceramics I looked for an alternative material and my own twist.


I create handmade jewellery from recycled waste paper and other up-cycled items that I source locally. I began experimenting years ago with paper and have finessed my process of working with pulped paper to create beautiful modern designs. My metal of choice when it comes to earring hooks is recycled silver however I do offer some designs with gold and rose gold plated finishes, and a small selection of gold-filled jewellery. If you can't find what you're looking for please drop me a message, I am open to commissions!

For me sustainability is key and I try to keep my processes as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. Any glues and finishes used are non toxic. All packaging is also recycled, up-cycled or biodegradable. 

Thanks for looking!


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